Improve job placement outcomes using texting and e-gift cards.

  • Send texts, emails, voice messages and e-gift cards from your computer
  • Send messages to one person or thousands
  • E-gift cards to top brands to encourage and reward participation
  • Automate and schedule messages
  • Easily import and modify customizable recipient lists
  • Receive multi-media images
  • Completely web-based–no software necessary
  • Spend less time on the phone
  • Easy for staff to use, efficient and cost-effective

Two way texting allows you to send and receive both texts and images

Auto-dial one or hundreds of people at once

Send customized emails to client groups

Offer eBoosts: e-gift cards to top brands to engage and reward participation

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Are you looking for more efficient ways to communicate with and engage your clients or students, especially in an era of diminishing resources?


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The larger the caseload of a case manager, the more valuable this tool has been. Staff using CareerHub indicate that clients are more likely to respond and are responding faster since they began using CareerHub.

Employers' Training Resource

Kern County

CareerHub has proven to be a valuable time and money saver. Staff are able to communicate with clients quicker and more effectively. The youth appreciate the text message format and are more willing to respond back to staff. We have also been able to expand our reach with our online, cell phone friendly, workshops. Links are sent out to youth via CareerHub and presto youth are provided services without the transportation challenges.

Karine Kanikkeberg

Resource Teacher, Kern High School District, Career Resource Department

I sent a job announcement to a group of youth via CareerHub. The process to get a youth interested, enrolled and qualified into the program usually takes about 4 weeks.. Using CareerHub Now, the enrollment usually takes about a week.

Hai Chi Vu

Project Coordinator, Young Adult Worklink, Community Youth Center of San Francisco

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