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The larger the caseload of a case manager, the more valuable this tool has been. Staff using CareerHub indicate that clients are more likely to respond and are responding faster since they began using CareerHub.

Employers’ Training Resource
Kern County

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CareerHub has proven to be a valuable time and money saver. Staff are able to communicate with clients quicker and more effectively. The youth appreciate the text message format and are more willing to respond back to staff. We have also been able to expand our reach with our online, cell phone friendly, workshops. Links are sent out to youth via CareerHub and presto youth are provided services without the transportation challenges.

Karine Kanikkeberg
Resource Teacher, Kern High School District, Career Resource Department

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CareerHub is a great tool to increase client outreach and reminders. It helped boost our attendance rate by over 75%! The unique eBoost feature appeals to clients and is easy to use for staff. Our workshop attendance increased 75% during trial.

Bill Bankhead
SparkPoint Coordinator, Contra Costa College

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I sent a job announcement to a group of youth via CareerHub. The process to get a youth interested, enrolled and qualified into the program usually takes about 4 weeks.. Using CareerHub Now, the enrollment usually takes about a week.

Hai Chi Vu
Project Coordinator, Young Adult Worklink, Community Youth Center of San Francisco

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After youth get a job we normally don’t get employment verification—it takes months of constant reminders and chasing them down. Using CareerHub it takes about a day. They respond right away, within the same  day. We sent a $25 e-gift card to each person who had an employment verification and they respond quickly!

Hai Chi Vu
Project Coordinator, Young Adult Worklink, Community Youth Center of San Francisco

A blue and white diamond with letters in it.CareerHub has been instrumental in our re-envisioning how to best serve youth across the San Francisco Bay Area. In a tech savvy world with information immediately available, CareerHub is a cost effective tool that allows us to serve youth virtually, via text, email and voice message. Since we began using CareerHub, our response rate from youth has tripled while our staff time spent on tracking down clients has decreased by 50%.

Ruth Barajas-Cardona
Director of Workforce and Education, Bay Area Community Resources

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Client crises happen all the time and a text makes it so easy for them to communicate with us.

Kern County Department of Human Services

A young home logoSince implementing CareerHub into my program a year ago, communication with our participants has been much easier, faster and more efficient. One of the greatest advantages is being able to send announcements, surveys and requests for information and feedback to large customized groups and then receive private responses back. With CareerHub I have seen an increase in attendance at our group workshops, as well as an increased level of individual engagement.

Sheri Mascorro
Workforce Development Manager, Youth Homes, Inc.