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CareerHub Frequently Asked Questions

Is CareerHub secure?
Yes, CareerHub has a Standard SSL certificate to protect your credit cards on our website.  All data is stored remotely in a cloud-based data center and network architecture is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. All data is stored and transmitted from a secure physical facility with round-the-clock surveillance, multi-factor authentication, redundancy zones, and security logging. All data transmission is encrypted. Also, CareerHub never stores passwords in plaintext. CareerHub conducts regular security audits to protect your account.
Is CareerHub confidential?
CareerHub is confidential. You can send group texts out to groups of individuals but their responses are only shared with the sender. Information is securely stored in the CareerHub server and individual’s contact information is never co-mingled.
Do you work with government agencies?
Yes CareerHub works with large and small organizations and can customize your subscription to your organizational needs. We are an approved vendor in many California counties as well as with the California Workforce Association. We are able to process purchase orders as well as credit cards. In many cases CareerHub is a sole source supplier because our unique services are the only known source that exists that can fulfill the unique requirements.
Is CareerHub HIPPA compliant?
No, CareerHub is not HIPPA compliant at this time because we typically are not transmitting protected health information. Keeping text messaging HIPAA compliant is done by “secure texting†– a process in which encrypted messages are transmitted from a secure server which stores all sensitive data locally, and which prevents the cell phone network that carries the message from keeping a copy. To keep text messaging HIPAA compliant, sensitive information is sent and received using the secure virtual private network. CareerHub uses public cellular networks.


Do you have any data that shows that CareerHub is effective?
Yes! CareerHub has been funded by the California Workforce Development Board to develop demonstration projects throughout the state to examine the effectiveness of  CareerHub as a virtual service delivery tool. Check out our latest white paper here.
What exactly does CareerHub do?

CareerHub’s services consist of the following: a web-based interface, access to a dedicated local ten digit out-going telephone number, messaging application, voice broadcast application, SMS and MMS gateway access, data encryption, data transmission, data access, data storage, software maintenance and upgrades and customer support, that enable you to send and receive SMS messages, MMS messages and/or text to speech voice telephone broadcasts to recipients designated by you. In addition CareerHub also provides access to electronic Gift Cards, called “eBoosts,†which may be selected or purchased on the CareerHub dashboard.